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Home visits: How it works?

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Hotel Visits: How It Works?

If you are staying in a hotel and want one of our most beautiful Escort Girls in Gelsenkirchen to visit you in your hotel room, we can easily and quickly make arrangements for the same. Just contact our escort agency and tell us the name of the girl you would want to be with. Please send us your surname or first name, your hotel room number, and the phone number of your hotel room. It would be best to tell us the exact time you want her to come and how long you want to be with her. After all this, we will call you to confirm the date, and the girl will be there as agreed.

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There are posh hotels in this city, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice when looking for accommodation. We are here to make things easier for you to have much time to focus on more important matters. Here are some of the best hotels we recommend for you.

Ibis Styles Hotel

Ibis Styles Hotel is one of the best hotels that provide the coolest environment to spend time with a busty escort girl. Located opposite the ICE railway station, this hotel is modern and offers free Wi-Fi and stylish rooms where you can have a romantic time of your life with a slim escort girl from us.

Website: Ibis Styles Hotel
Phone: 004920992550
Address: Ringstraße 1 3, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Heiner’s Park Hotel

Other best hotels include Heiner’s Park Hotel that is located on Am Bugapark 1D, 45899 Gelsenkirchen. It offers air-conditioned rooms, free breakfast and Wi-Fi. There is free parking too. Heated floors, flat-screen TV and many more amenities await you. You can expect an unforgettable experience with a difference with your bisexual escort girl from our service.

Website: Heiner’s Park Hotel
Phone: 00492091772222
Address: Am Bugapark 1D, 45899 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Do you want to go on a dinner date with our fat escort girl? Do not worry. They would love to join you and make your time memorable. Check out the best restaurants in Gelsenkirchen.


Once you walk in the door, it’s as if you’re greeted by a family that has been waiting to see your face for years. The UNVERHOFFT is an inviting and relaxing restaurant with warm staff members who offer top-notch service at every turn. This beautiful establishment features traditional German dishes prepared with modern twists from our talented chefs. All are served up on clean white plates accompanied by crisp green salads or classic potato wedges (potato pancakes).

If this sounds too heavy, don’t worry because their lighter fare selection will satisfy any appetite! With food like this, how can anyone resist?! Whether looking for breakfast time leisure or dinner date bliss. Find what suits your needs best here with a blonde escort girl from the Escort Agency at the UNVERHOFFT.

Phone: 004920977390
Address: Middelicher Str. 72, 45891 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:


A superior sushi restaurant. The food is exquisitely and expertly prepared that no one would leave unsatisfied. As if the delicious taste wasn’t enough, service here will take your breath away with their impeccable hospitality! You’ll feel like you’re a VIP guest as soon as you walk through the door of this luxurious establishment. If you are craving some sushi, try having it with our open-minded escort girl. You can have a fantastic time together.

Website: Osuki-Sushi-Asiatisch-Dimsum
Phone: 004920184676679
Address: Wengestraße 2, 45309 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling dull? Maybe some shopping can cheer you up. Check out these fantastic spots for shopping in Gelsenkirchen. We know you will like them, of course, if you book our student escort girl, your shopping spree will surely be more entertaining.


Looking for a one-stop experience? Come to the mall! With more than 30 shops, you can find anything from clothes and shoes to groceries. We have stores that offer beauty services like haircuts, manicures and facials, as well as places where you can get your nails done or eat at an amazing restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. So, if shopping bores you, try getting accompanied by our tall escort girl from the Escort Agency. She will keep you entertained in her ways.

Phone: 00492091486964
Address: Bahnhofsvorpl. 5, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

GALERIA (Kaufhof)

You’ll find everything there, from fragrant perfumes to the latest fashions. It’s a good place for all of your shopping needs, especially if you’re in Gelsenkirchen. You can get every scent under the sun and even pick up some new clothes at this amazing department store. They’ve got whatever you need, whether it’s on sale or not! Just be sure to hire a beginner escort girl from the Escort Agency to stay entertained throughout!

Website: GALERIA
Phone: 004920915871
Address: Bahnhofstraße 48-56, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Had a tiring day? Why worry when you can visit a relaxing spa in Gelsenkirchen to unwind. Try out a massage session with our sensual escort girl.

Wellness by Martina Hassairi

Whether it’s waxing, massage or facial, you’re after, the spa is sure to have what you need. It will not disappoint you as they always maintain quality. The staff are amiable but professional, which makes any experience feel more comfortable than uncomfortable. Even if your appointments do run late sometimes, their commitment means everything to them, and they never fail to impress you with their service! If you plan to relax at this wellness club, ask our exotic escort girl to accompany you.

Website: Wellness by Martina Hassairi
Phone: 00492099413146
Address: Feldmarkstraße 201, 45883 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Salzgrotte in the Bunker

Imagine stepping into a room where the hustle and bustle of everyday life have disappeared. Quiet music is playing in the background. Your body feels like it’s been put through a one-hour long massage session – all you want to do is lay there on that comfortable bed with delicious food served right at hand. This idyllic environment can be found just at Salzgrotte in the Bunker. You will love a massage appointment there. Going alone? Why don’t you take a curvy escort girl from the Escort Agency to keep you company!

Website: Salzgrotte in the Bunker
Phone: 0049209370043
Address: Nienkampstraße 44, 45896 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling bored at home? Fresh air is all you need! Check out the most enchanting parks in Gelsenkirchen, which you can visit accompanied by our skinny escort girl.

The Emscherbruch

The Emscherbruch Landscape Park is a stunning natural retreat in the centre of Europe’s largest urban area. Here, you can escape from society and enjoy pure nature by taking long walks or biking on kilometre-long paths. You’ll also find plenty to see along these trails, beautiful forest views all around. If you are a nature lover and admire the greenery, you must take some time out. Visit this park with our Russian escort girl, and you will be delighted by the experience you will get here.

Address: 45892 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Nordstern Park

Nordsternpark is Germany’s largest park, located in the former coal-mining town of Gelsenkirchen. It was created after a company formerly used as an open-air mine closed down and left behind hundreds of acres for redevelopment into green space. There are plenty of activities to do with your MILF escort girl from our Escort Agency! You can plan a day out together at Nordsternpark without ever leaving each other’s side. Maybe you’ll even find yourselves on one romantic walk through this enchanting destination? Nordsternpark offers visitors more than just endless greenery. It also features many leisurely facilities such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and markets where people flock every week to explore what they have available here.

Website: Nordstern Park
Phone: 00492091690
Address: Am Bugapark 1, 45899 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Are you interested in the history of Gelsenkirchen? It can be interesting as our classy escort girl is there to accompany you! Do not worry.

Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen

All love Kunstmuseum in Gelsenkirchen. If you want to experience the art museum live, visit an art exhibition at this museum and explore around. Kunstmuseum, a place that everyone can enjoy, is always open for business in Gelsenkirchen. So, if you’re looking to explore some great artwork, then it’s time to book an elegant escort girl who will show up at your door, ready to get things started right away!

Website: Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen
Phone: 00492091694361
Address: Horster Str. 5/5-7, 45897 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

The Little Museum

For those who love history, The Little Museum has an unforgettable tour for you! From engaging exhibits to a fascinating staff of historians and curators alike. This is not your average visit; it will be interactive with lots of hands-on activities that make it more fun than ever before. The name says it all. The Little Museum should definitely be at the top of everyone’s list when looking for something new or different to do today! Why go alone? Our Escort Agency recommends that you take a GFE escort girl to have a splendid time at this museum.

Website: The Little Museum
Phone: 0049209594659
Address: Eschweilerstraße 47, 45897 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Let’s make the evening entertaining. Ask an escort girl to accompany you to the movies, and have an awesome night ahead of you.

Apollo Cinemas multiplex

What do you enjoy when going to the movies? Some people like popcorn, nachos and drinks. Others prefer a comfy seat with legroom or parking space close by. What’s your favourite thing about theatres? How about a cinema that offers all of these things? You’ll love popping and munching on popcorn, nachos, and soda at this cinema. You won’t have to worry about parking because there is plenty of it here! There are also comfortable seats with enough legroom. Why don’t you plan a fun movie night with a seductive escort girl from the Escort Agency?

Website: Apollo Cinemas multiplex
Phone: 004920970263400
Address: Willy-Brandt-Allee 55, 45891 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Schauburg Filmpalast

This old theatre has been around for decades. If you’re looking to go out on the town, this is your spot! You can bring an incall escort girl or plan a night with a special someone by choosing from their screening of movies perfect for any occasion, whether it’s scary horror films during Halloween season or heartwarming romances when Valentine’s Day comes around! This theatre has seen generations come and go over its many years as an establishment in our city. It was originally built back at the turn of the 20th century, making it a one-hundred-year-old building. But don’t worry because they’ve since updated everything to be up-to-date with today’s standards.

Website: Schauburg Filmpalast
Phone: 004920930886
Address: Horster Str. 6, 45897 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Do you like theatre? Check out where you can go for live performances in Gelsenkirchen.

Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen

Performing at the theatre is a great way to let loose and just be entertained. With so many different types of shows, there is plenty for everyone’s tastes! Whether you prefer ballet, music or storytelling – this place has it all in one spot. And if that doesn’t suit your fancy? No problem! You can find something to enjoy that suits your taste and style. Our Escort Agency recommends that you take our ebony escort girl to accompany you. We are sure you will have a fantastic time together.

Website: Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen
Phone: 00492094097200
Address: Kennedypl., 45881 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We have shortlisted amazing bars to visit in Gelsenkirchen for you. The nightlife is something that you shouldn’t miss. Why not check out the best bars and clubs in Gelsenkirchen?

Dom Gold

It’s an unassuming building, but it holds the most welcoming bar in town. The atmosphere is always cheerful and inclusive, with many different people lining up for a drink or two from their extensive selection. It has everything you could want. Wine on tap to imported craft beers, gins, and non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha and coconut water. They have something for everyone! The Escort Agency recommends that you share a drink with our most educated escort girl. You are sure to have a delightful experience.

Facebook Page: Dom Gold
Phone: 004920998894307
Address: Russellplatz 1, 45894 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:


Copas offers an exquisite dining experience with excellent cocktails and a full-service bar. You can also bring the charming escort girl for your company here, be they beautiful or sexy! Copas is both elegant and accommodating to all sorts of people looking for some delicious food and drink in their life. From couples on dates out to playtime with friend groups who want something new but still fun. With such diversity, you can always feel at ease while enjoying our services that are only matched by those available through escorts if you need more than what Copa’s has got going on!

Facebook Page: Copas
Phone: 0049209377543
Address: Luciagasse 7, 45894 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Check out the most beautiful and fun events in the city with one of the best escort girls from the Escort Agency.

Völkerball in Gelsenkirchen

Völkerball is a new Rammstein tribute band from Germany. Two lifelong fans created it, and they’re out to give their performance in August! If you have any interest in seeing them live, be sure not to miss it. You can also ask a fabulous escort girl from the Escort Agency to accompany you to this great musical event.

Address: Grothusstraße 201, 45883 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

EASTER in Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen is filled with egg hunts, bunny brunches and other Easter festivities. You can take your day out by indulging in a scrumptious food festival or spending it creating DIY crafts. Be sure to save the dates! Why not spring into the holidays this year with our experienced escort girl from the Escort Agency?

Website: EASTER in Gelsenkirchen

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