Products for deep facial cleansing

Today I’m here to talk about facial cleansing, which is the essential beauty gesture you’ll do all day, and I consider myself a freak about it since there isn’t a day that I don’t take care of myself with one of these products that I am going to tell you about. Continue reading on our Escort Service Website!

Clean skin is synonymous with young, beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. If you do not cleanse correctly, everything you do afterwards loses its effect. Therefore, I leave an explanation of the importance of not only cleaning with water but the need to cleanse and apply other products for deep facial cleansing.

The skin of the face must be cleaned twice a day, in the morning and at night, with a cosmetic that is suitable for our skin type and your habits, since your facial ritual must be quick and effective. Gel, cream, mousse or cleansing milk can be your choice. Instead of the step-by-step cleaning, I will tell you the products we can find to perform deep facial cleansing.


Cleansing oils

The most common oils that we can find are jojoba, safflower oil, argan, macadamia nut, coconut, evening primrose, and sunflower. They are ideal for any skin because they moisturize, and even for acne-prone skin, since this way, they will get rid of all that sebum and keep breakouts at bay, unlike if they used a watery cleansing base. Use both at night to sweep away dirt and for glowing, juicy skin during the day.

Here are some of my favourite products:

-Pai’s looks fantastic to me and has rosehip, regenerating our damaged skin.

-Kiehl’s one of my favourite firms on the market, so I leave you with another of the TOP oils, Midnight Recover Botanical Cleansing Oil.

-As for an oil that I use a lot and has value for money, Arganour Jojoba Oil is 100% Pure Body Oil.

Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is a star product in cleaning because it is effortless to use. Its texture is light and liquid like a cream and will help you gently clean dirt from dust or makeup, excess sebum, tobacco smoke, pollution, and dead cells. It works well by massaging it across the face on normal skin without specific skin problems. Remove it well with warm water or makeup remover pads. My favourite value for money is the Garnier Botanica cleansing milk.

Water-gel based cleaner

It can be used as a single product to cleanse or remove make-up or combined with cleansing oil or milk. It is a specific soap for facial skin that cleanses in depth. A gel for each skin type is recommended above all for combination or oily skin due to the sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Apply to damp face, massage, rinse with water and pat dry with a towel. You can even use it in the shower. La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleansing and make-up remover fluid dermocleaner leaves skin radiant.


Tonic is a lotion that stimulates blood circulation, closes the pores, balances the skin’s pH and calms the complexion. This task is essential to help the following products be absorbed even better without forgetting to avoid toners that contain alcohol to damage the skin of the face as little as possible. In addition, as an option, it is always advisable to apply a mist of thermal water to calm the area and refresh it, especially on sensitive skin. If you are looking for value for money, this is one of my favourites, Garnier Botanical Cleansing Tonic.

If we use make-up during the day, we must remove make-up from our face, eyes and lips using a specific product. Micellar water is used to remove non-water resistant products in a few strokes, and biphasic make-up removers contain a mixture of oil and water to eliminate waterproof products, avoiding irritation in areas as sensitive as the eyes.

Micellar water

Micellar water has become a superstar in our toiletry bags. The only thing to be careful about is that it is not a toner since, as its name suggests, it is made up of micelles that remove makeup and impurities… in another post, I will tell you the difference between toner and micellar water. For all skin types, it is the perfect method for sensitive skin, and you can also use it for eyes and lips. This is my primary and essential Garnier Skin Active classic micellar water for all skin types.

Biphasic make-up remover

Biphasic makeup remover is a specific blend of oil and cleanser for eyes and lips. You won’t need it if you don’t wear makeup. More than the type of skin, the type of makeup matters. However, there are special biphasic for sensitive eyes. Shake it before use, apply it to a makeup remover disc, place it on the eyes and lips for a few seconds, and then drag until there is no longer a drop of makeup. Any of these three are the most.

From Garnier, these two products are the bomb, the first of which is Garnier Skin Naturals- a biphasic micellar water cleanser and the second is Garnier’s two-in-one biphasic make-up remover, also from the Skin Naturals range.

Important: do not mistake the difference between cleanser and make-up remover. The latter has the function of removing all make-up residues, shadows, pigments, etc. However, the cleanser is more effective in cleaning the face and eliminating dirt generated by external factors such as pollution.


Finally, moisturize after all the cleaning since the skin tends to lose water because it evaporates, and we must replenish it frequently to avoid peeling. Likewise, this must treat the eye area with an eye contour cream and, optionally, a serum (for mature skin) that provides light and a tensor effect to reduce folds.

A moisturizer with a protection factor of at least SPF15 should be used on the entire face to prevent premature skin ageing due to the sun. One of the essential aggressions the skin suffers is exposure to the sun and changes in temperature, causing it to age. Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen daily, with a fluid texture and suitable for the face.

When choosing a moisturizer, we must consider our skin type to select a cream according to the needs of our epidermis. Correct hydration ensures makeup with a better finish and is longer lasting. At this point, we can also talk about pre-bases or primers whose purpose is to prepare and soften the skin and give the makeup a longer duration. There are also specific ones for eyes, which are recommended for people with oily eyelids for whom the shadows barely last. My TOP cream is from Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense PPF50.

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