Wellness holiday at Ortner’s Resort in Bad Füssing


Are you interested in a wellness holiday? Then we would like to introduce you to the 4* Ortner’s Resort in Bad Füssing today. If you’ve been following us for a while, then you probably know that we like to travel through the most diverse countries in the world. Whether in a jeep through the African bush landscape, in a rickety wooden boat through the Java Sea, by car across Israel and Jordan or on foot through the rainforest in Sumatra – we love the unknown, the new and like to throw ourselves headlong into its next adventure. And yes, we love such adventures and action, but we also long for a little break now and then. Our escort girls recommend this blog!

When we got the request to take a closer look at the 4* Superior Ortner’s Resort in Bad Füssing, we didn’t hesitate for long. Why not? Already after the first look at the homepage, the Resort made a super friendly impression on us. So we made our way to the 6,700-inhabitant municipality of Bad Füssing in the Lower Bavarian spa triangle, which is only around 5 km from the Austrian border. In the following article, we would like to take you virtually through the beautiful hotel and tell you what we liked best. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.


The small spa town of Bad Füssing

I (Bolle) only knew Bad Füssing from hearing before our trip. Marco used to be in one of the thermal baths here. The small health resort is known for warm thermal water, varied thermal bath landscapes and wellness and spa hotels. There is the popular Therme 1, the large Europa Therme, the Johannesbad Therme and countless thermal spa hotels with their health and thermal areas.

In 1937 and 1938, people looked for oil on the Ortner family’s property but found hot sulfur water instead. You didn’t know what to do with it, so the drilling company sealed the boreholes again. But Franz Ortner was the only one who firmly believed that the hot water springs next to his farm could be used for something and decided to open the boreholes again.


Very interesting!

In front of the entrance to Restaurant 1846, you can find out more about the origins of Ortner’s Resort in chronological order on the opposite wall.


At that time, this borehole fed a bathing fountain with soothing thermal water. Later, the Therme 1 was built, and the former farmhouse, the Ortner Hof, became a modern 4-star superior resort with the most oversized thermal baths in Bavaria. Within just a few decades, Bad Füssing has developed into an important health resort with over 2.6 million overnight stays. It’s a crazy thought how, thanks to the coincidence at that time, an inconspicuous little place became a famous and, above all, lively spa town.

Our journey to Bad Füssing

We haven’t been flying within Germany or nearby countries for years. We prefer to take the train because we can use the time sensibly (work, read, relax) and protect the environment. With the new IC, we went from Rostock to Berlin, with the ICE via Nuremberg to Passau and then with the RE to Pocking. Once there, we took a taxi to Bad Füssing, about 8 km away.

Yes, the journey was long, but the anticipation was huge, and the time flew by. So everything is easy to do. Incidentally, Ortner’s Resort also organizes shuttles or taxi rides. It is best to contact the hotel before your stay and let them know your arrival time. More about this here: Getting to Bad Füssing. We booked our train tickets on the Deutsche Bahn* website.


Ortner’s Resort & the new pleasure junior suite

Before our stay, we didn’t know which room we would stay in. We were all happier when a lovely receptionist gave us the room card for one of the new suites. After a short tour of the hotel, the restaurant, the bar, the wellness area, the fitness room, the garage and the outdoor area, we were allowed to open the door to the brand-new Junior Suite in the main building, Wappen.

We opened the door, carefully pushed the suitcases through the doorstep, put the room card in the power slot and looked curiously from left to right with big eyes. On the left, we discovered the toilet, a large wardrobe with integrated lighting, a safe and a minibar. On the right side, two large wooden doors led into the spacious bathroom with a shower, two washbasins, an integrated radio and a large mirror. We liked the style and the choice of materials straight away. Everything looked very high quality and was chosen with care.

Of course, we immediately noticed the beautiful, free-standing bathtub in front of the window, the vast box spring bed, the modern oak floor and the cosy sofa corner. Of course, the fruit basket with lots of delicacies did not go unnoticed for long, as did the two bathing bags with bathrobe, bath towels and bathing shoes. We opened the balcony door and could see the restaurant terrace and the outdoor area with a natural pool. Yeah, what else should we say great about that? We were looking forward to the coming days and were delighted and grateful to be in this hotel.


The new ThermenSPA world

Okay, at this point, we don’t even know where to start. The new ThermenSPA world knocked our socks off. A pool? None! A sauna? None! A quiet corner to relax? None! You’re probably wondering why we’ve used the term “nil” more than once. The answer is straightforward: Ortner’s Resort doesn’t just have a pool, a sauna or a quiet corner to offer. A huge SPA world awaits you with six pools, three saunas, countless cosy corners to linger, a steam bath, sun decks, infrared heat cabins, a drinking fountain and an open-air area, Kneipp path, salt cave, wellness & beauty area with 14 treatment rooms and much more. You don’t know where to start enjoying it.

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