Many people today do not think about how vital seduction is. But unfortunately, without temptation, we can’t go too far when it comes to love or sex. I consider seduction necessary because you are no longer in love when you are no longer seduced. Learn how to seduce escort girls from this blog!

Advice from a woman often seduced

I seduced, and I was seduced. And the men who rushed and tried to fake this “step,” so to speak, did not arouse any interest in me. It doesn’t matter if you are beautiful or less beautiful, you don’t care about seduction so much, but we will talk about beauty on another occasion. I want to address more to the gentlemen in what I write because they are a bit hasty in general, and they have the impression that the woman is conquered by their mere presence or only by what they say.

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Women and men are built in different ways. That’s what scientists say, and I think you’ve noticed. Men only need a moment to develop a passion for a woman, while women take longer to fall in love. If a man can have an instant orgasm, a woman must receive many caresses and touches before experiencing an orgasm. That is, if it is not an intellectual one. A woman must be seduced, and seduction is a true art that every man must master to reach the heart of a lady or young lady.

You have got to mix things up

Knowing how to treat a woman is essential when you want to meet an escort girl. Many men make one of these two mistakes: They treat a woman too well, thus behaving like the classic “good guy” They treat a woman too severely, making her turn away

Spoiler alert: To treat a woman properly, you have to be a mixture of the two.

While you’ve heard from women that they want a nice guy, what a woman says she wants, as I’ve told you on several occasions, is never what she wants. The truth is, to get a girl interested in you, you have to treat her like a roller coaster: highs and lows. I know she may sound strange to you, but that’s how it works. Staticity makes a woman tired, whichever of the two poles, while what keeps a woman’s attention high is precisely the variability.

Be patient

An essential factor in seducing a woman is patience. You can’t rush a woman, dear gentlemen. She needs to make sure to feel that the man is patient. If you hurry, the woman will be scared; she will take a step back and, in the best “case,” you will miss all the meetings that could have followed. You have to test her tastes, find out and understand her point of view, what she likes and dislikes. Find out her fears and learn how to comfort her.

The stillness is boring her

As I already told you, the stillness makes women bored. Do you know those men who complain that they are left after treating a woman too well? This happens when you have been too good with a woman. At the same time, do you know that other types of men regret having treated a woman too severely after they are left? This happens in the other case when a woman is poorly treated. Neither way is good. That’s clear. The best way to treat a woman correctly is to mix the two.

The British call this technique “Push and Pull” and essentially consists of alternating moments where we bring the woman closer to us and other moments where we move her away. In practice, we have to alternate moments where we show ourselves highly interested in her, other moments where we can even do without it, moments where we are dazzled by beauty, and other moments where we are used to it. We are super happy to hear it in these moments, others where it is almost a duty. No woman will ever tell you – for obvious reasons – but it’s this attitude that sets a woman’s spark. She will get used to them by relentlessly complimenting a woman, taking them for granted.

The mistake not to make in the „Push and Pull” method

Some men take everything a little too literally. Precisely for this reason, I decided to add this paragraph on the mistake not to commit in the „Push and Pull method”. As we’ve seen, you have to alternate between treating her well with moments where you intentionally mistreat her. But be careful here. In “mistreating her,” you must never: Make her question herself or make her feel uncomfortable when she is with you.

Mistreating her means simply walking away to let her invest in her relationship too, and not allowing her to bask in the fact that you are always available to her. Therefore, treating her poorly does not mean offending her, making her feel unwomanly, or questioning her abilities. Instead, it means failing to treat her well, treating her so as not to enhance her qualities. As we’ve seen before her, treating her poorly could mean forgetting to compliment her when she buys a new dress and shows it to us.

On the contrary, by missing compliments, you will ensure that she doesn’t take them for granted, thus giving her the mental urge to do something to receive the compliment. In the latter case, the relationship will not be one-way but two-way. As with complimenting him, you need to stimulate him for any other related area.

The body language

Body language is of great importance. This is easily noticed when a person likes us very much because he betrays our body. It has been found that women know when a man looks at them without even turning their heads. They have a special feeling. If you are not in control of yourself, dear ones, and you do not trust yourself, then surely every woman will realize that your body will communicate any awkwardness without thinking.

Your gait and manners will be unsafe, and you will lose. I left the smile behind, although I consider it very important, even paramount. I read a long time ago that a smile is so essential in seduction that it can shoot a woman’s heart on the first date. Valid and vice versa in my opinion. We are not the same, women and men alike, but the smile brings us all down.

The seduction game

In this game of seduction, the beautiful words also play an essential role, the tenderness, the gestures, the lips of the man lightly touching the delicate hand of a lady and, then, kissing her… all these can conquer her. The intelligent and admiring look can intimidate a lady and make her fall in love instantly. I know many men who have tried to seduce women by palm-guessing them. I don’t know what to say, but specialists also consider this a factor of seduction.

In the end, women need to gain their trust, and only then will they be relaxed around you, dear men, and feel safe. Only then will you be able to think about the bedroom, and that’s because a woman is terrified to take this step. After all, she doesn’t want to be labelled an easy woman. As I heard it said, men need a place, but women need a reason.

Some ways to treat a woman and make her feel special

At this point, we have seen that we must treat her well, alternating with moments of omission in treating her well. But how to treat a woman well, properly to seduce her? Let’s look at it in this paragraph.

Make her feel beautiful

Making a woman feel beautiful is different from telling her she is lovely. If you say “you look nice,” maybe in chat, or maybe without even knowing her, you’re not making her feel beautiful. Not at all. Is considering that many other men will probably tell her the same thing as you. Instead, you could make her feel beautiful by saying, for example, how good a dress suits her, confessing that she is the most beautiful of women at a party, or that she is remarkably fit. This means making her feel beautiful. So go sideways to make her feel beautiful, and don’t just listen to the compliments.

Make her feel appreciated

Generally; humans want to feel valued. A study revealed that we like people to whom we have done a favor and that this favor has been appreciated by those who have received it. The reason is precisely this; we need to feel appreciated. When we are with a woman, we can feel valued by enjoying what she does. There are so many things you might like, even the most mundane.

A trivial example could be that by going out to eat together somewhere and recommending a particular food, you might appreciate the fact that she introduced you to that food. Or, trivially, if she makes you breakfast, you might understand how good the breakfast she made is. In short, there are so many things that you could think of appreciating that I am not here to list them for you. You don’t necessarily have to make compliments on particular items, quite the contrary. Often, the best appreciations are made on trivial things precisely because they go straight to the unconscious.

Make her feel capable

Women, more than men, due to their emotionality. It often happens that they do not feel capable of doing certain things in their life. Be it in career, sport, or any other skill. As the rational person of the couple, being you a man, you will need to make her feel capable of doing whatever she wants in life. Just like a soccer player, you motivate your team. So you have to make her feel like she can be, whoever she wants her to be: in her career, in sport, in her personal life, and whatever her goals are. You have to make her feel like a woman of worth.

Make her feel wanted

Making her feel desired means making her feel your desire to see or hear her. Likewise, it means hugging her, getting close to her, touching her in the right places at the right time when you are together. You could also make her feel desired by giving him sexy clothes to wear on special occasions or confessing your genuine desire to make love with her. Confess your love to her, too, about her body parts, or behavioral traits, which she defines as flaws.

Make her feel listened

Unlike men, who are more superficial, women want to be listened to and understood. They all want men who listen to them and understand their way of thinking on a deep level. To make her feel heard when she tells you something, you could ask her to specify better, or go into more detail, then ask her questions so that she opens up totally on a topic, whatever it is. You could also think about taking up issues that she told you some time ago to show that at that moment, you listened to her, and you remember what she said. You also have to act as a psychologist when stressed, sad, or not in a joyous moment.


We have seen that in order to treat a woman correctly, there are a few things you absolutely must do, including making her feel beautiful, capable, appreciated, desired, listened to, and so on if you want to win her over. At the same time, as we saw at the beginning of this article, you must ensure that these things do not become evident to you. If taken for granted, anything, even the most positive, becomes tedious. So in order not to rush to spend energy on a woman without her reciprocating, it is good that you use the „Push and Pull” method and do it correctly without errors, as we have seen.

Gentlemen, thank you for your patience in reading the above, and I wish you success in seduction. I’m waiting for you to write to me about what you managed to seduce!

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