“Oh, I never wear foundation.” Have you ever had to pull yourself together not to turn green with envy whenever someone casually slips that line into the conversation? Me, yes. “Like you, otherworldly being, but most of us aren’t blessed with clear, glowing skin every day,” I wanted to say back then. Well, friends, since then, I’ve realized that the less you hide your skin, the less there is to hide about it. I am now foundation-free and got through it – with a more beautiful complexion than ever. Continue reading this blog on the Escort Service Website.

I am here to give you the tools you need if you want to eliminate foundation from your makeup routine. Having worn foundation every day myself for over ten years, it was no easy feat. I used a long weekend to start the bare skin experiment, and it took me about two weeks to completely adjust to not having the highlight of my cosmetics collection.

But wait a minute, why did I even want to stop this?

Well, thanks to my oily skin, my skin looks pretty great in the morning, but it’s already shiny by the time I get to the office, and by midday, I’m practically wearing an oil field on my face. Then, during my period, I get pimples that require liberal use of concealer, which builds up uncomfortably on the skin throughout the day. Altogether, it is somewhat uncomfortable. Because I have already witnessed how some friends have given up the foundation habit in favor of “natural” skin, I wanted to try it myself and recommend it to all escort girls.

But why is foundation problematic for the skin? “Foundations often involve mineral oils or another comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients, such as silicones. While this gives them a great texture, it also clogs pores and causes inflammation, which causes breakouts and imperfections,” the press office of beauty brand REN tells me. “So if you wear less foundation, the skin can breathe better. This ensures increased skin health.”

While I wouldn’t say that going without foundation will guarantee you gorgeous skin permanently, I believe your skin will look healthier and fresher. For this to work, we have put together professional tips, and products for you below that will make it easier for your skin – whether oily, impure, dry or “normal” – to make the transition to a foundation-free future.

The first thing to do is to find the perfect base

First of all, to be able to go without the foundation you trust, you need to work on what you’re trying to cover up with it. This means that a good skincare routine is still mandatory – now even more so. This includes a simple makeup remover, an effective cleanser, serums tailored to your skin needs and a moisturizer. “Your skin care should provide you with the perfect basis for a beautiful complexion,” agrees the press office of REN. “It should protect your skin, strengthen it and promote its regeneration and health so that it looks great without makeup.”

This includes, first of all, a “double cleanse”, i.e. a double cleaning. “Make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly in the morning and evening. Removing all residues of makeup, dirt, dust and environmental influences is important. We rely on double cleansing, especially in the evening. This prepares the skin to absorb the rest of your care products.” The REN Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm (€26.95) does just that without attacking your skin, and the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleansing Oil (31 €.95) is an oil and cream combination that gives you plump, clean skin.

What helps against oily skin?

For those with oily skin, the idea of ​​forgoing foundation and letting our whole glow shine might be a little scary. “One of the most common skincare mistakes people with oily skin make is not moisturizing,” Dr Murad, founder of Murad Skincare.

“Moisture is crucial in maintaining the balance and harmony of the skin. It prevents the sebaceous glands from producing excess sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture.” So invest in a good moisturizer! The Murad Oil and Pore Control Mattifier SPF 45 (€35.95) is a great oil-free moisturizer that reduces sebum production and, therefore, the greasy shine, and The Ordinary Serum Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (€14.89) allows to moisturize the skin without shining again a few hours later.

What helps against uneven complexion and pigment spots?

After all, the foundation gives your skin a balanced base tone – but what alternatives do you have? “Products with lightening ingredients help even out the complexion,” explains Dr Murad. Pixi’s Glow Tonic (€20.49) is hailed as the holy grail for its complexion-balancing effects. Put a small amount on a cotton pad and rub it over your face a few times a week – skin improvement is not long in the coming. We also love Facetheory’s Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15 (€27.99), which simultaneously brightens skin and fights blemishes.

What helps against impure skin and pimples?

For those who struggle with breakouts more often, The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (€9.95) is a great help. The serum is highly effective and changes your skin enormously within two weeks; it has become a cult product for a reason. For example, Redness can be reduced with Murad’s Rapid Relief Spot Treatment (€25.99), which combats inflammation. “The serum accelerates cell renewal through a combination of hydroxy acids and works directly against pimples with sulfur and zinc. The best way to apply it hygienically is to use it with a cotton swab.” You then apply an oil-free moisturizer on top to moisturize your skin without clogging your pores. I hope that my advice from today’s article will help you with your make-up problems! Keep an eye on the blog section of the website for more posts like this!

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