Edging: Learn how to get incredible orgasms

Edging is a sexual technique used to achieve incredible orgasms, lengthening just that exact moment before the climax so that it does so explosively and intensely when it reaches the end. So now, he counts on her to be happier in bed. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

The word refers to the limit, the maximum we can reach, like reaching the edge of the precipice, to that sensation of incomparable vertigo. No, do not do the literal translation of “border” that the shots do not go that way.

What is the ending?

It refers to orgasm control for both men and the sexy escort girls. It does not have to become a unique and mandatory practice. Sometimes you will feel like something quick will come up, or you do not have more time, but other times you will feel like recreating yourself.

As in everything related to sexuality, what some like, others do not. Indeed, the greater the number of experiences and the broader the repertoire, you will have better and more diverse sexual encounters since one does not feel the same every day.

Edging profits

Orgasms are not always the same in men or women. An orgasm differs from another in duration and intensity, in the feeling of satisfaction and the level of pleasure experienced. Orgasms that we call “daily”, in frequent masturbation or a sexual relationship of a couple that has fallen into monotony, can leave us more or less satisfied and are equally very beneficial for our health and sex life in general. General. But let’s not fool ourselves. Sometimes we want more, like a super orgasm that leaves us completely amazed. And that is what is intended with this practice, to obtain all the benefits of an orgasm in a magnified way.

An increased amount of semen on the edging

One of the great benefits of edging in men is that it will significantly increase the amount of semen expelled. It produces muscular contractions during its release, giving rise to a supreme sensation of pleasure and escape, which will last during contractions that may surprise you with their duration.

There are not only physical factors at play here but also psychological ones. The feeling of control and power over your body is very beneficial, and you will feel that you can give your partner all the pleasure they want for as long as they wish. The feeling of reward when you finally climax is soaring, and the release of pleasure hormones comes like a huge waterfall.

If the blood flow in your genital area is maintained or increased while you have sex for a relatively long period, this will cause your whole body to react in a very intense way.

Prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation in edging

Among the great benefits of this practice is preventing premature ejaculation.

It is estimated that 30% of men between 18 and 60 suffer from this situation at some point in their lives, which is a relatively high percentage. Premature ejaculation makes men reach orgasm very soon, almost at the moment of penetration, making them feel confused and frustrated. Its ultimate causes are unknown, although it is mainly associated with high levels of stress or mood problems such as depression. Relationship conflicts can also lead to premature ejaculation, as well as concerns related to one’s sexual performance due to various psychological factors,

Some physical pathologies also influence as causes of premature ejaculation, such as diabetes, problems related to the thyroid gland, high blood pressure and prostate diseases.

Premature ejaculation can be seriously complicated, even leading the sufferer not to have any sexual contact. It is then that man begins to investigate and seek solutions. Well, to put premature ejaculation under control, it is convenient to reach what is known as the point of ejaculatory certainty, that is, when it is not physically possible to contain it any longer, and you are at the end of no return. If you have a penis, you will know what I mean.

The contractions at that point of no return are so powerful that the semen passes into the urethra, expulsing the semen in rhythmic waves every approximately 0.8 seconds.

Edging technique: Ending man

This technique in men is something that almost all of us have practiced to a greater or lesser extent at some time. It consists of delaying the orgasm for a few seconds, especially for boys who want to wait for their partner. They usually modify their breathing to take deeper breaths or think about something else.

For people with a vagina, it will be achieved by keeping the attention on the physical sensations, changing posture or type of stimulation when they feel that they are approaching orgasm. The idea is more or less to reach the point of explosion and delay it as much as possible. As if you took a step back instead of the natural step towards the pleasure that the body asks of you.

If you have never tried it before, you can try a straightforward technique: to use associate arousal and orgasm with a red light, use the green light to decrease sexual energy and dedicate yourself to continue caressing, stimulating and playing, moving away from the red alarm signal.

Edging implies a high level of sexual arousal that will last for an extended period. Somehow it is about playing the roller coaster with your level of excitement, sometimes reaching very high states of euphoria.

Should I be worried about my erection going down during the edging technique?

Nothing happens. A sexual game of this type can involve us for a long time, during which you can sometimes dedicate yourself to giving pleasure to your partner in other ways, such as oral sex or sex toys, while you let your arousal come back naturally. To take you to the erection. These comings and goings will make you feel like you can’t take it anymore when you reach orgasm, and successive erections will increase the amount of semen.

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