Female G-spot: Where is it, and how to stimulate it

Although for decades, sexologists and doctors have affirmed the importance of this area of ​​the female body to achieve orgasms and to enjoy sexual life as well as its maximum pleasure, there are still people who do not know where it is or how to stimulate it. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

And there is a significant lack of knowledge in this area of ​​intimate female anatomy. For this reason, the question about sexuality that is most repeated for being the most frequently searched in the Google search engine is referring to him. Many people seek information on this point. Even among people of both sexes and especially among individuals between 18 and 25 years old, we suppose that especially at that age, it is very embarrassing to talk about sex or have little confidence to ask about any aspect of the sex to people in your social circle.

For that reason, today, our escort girls wanted to prepare this article to shed some light on this issue that has been too long in the dark. Do you want to know how to stimulate it to enjoy your orgasms or provoke those of your girl? Keep reading because, in this blog, you will find techniques and steps to follow.

What is the female G-spot?

The G-spot owes its name to the gynecologist Gräfenberg, the doctor who began studying it in the 1950s. They began to refer to it as the Gräfenberg spot or area, and later it was reduced to the minimum expression “G-spot”.

Although there is significant controversy regarding its natural anatomical structure, that is, if it is a part of the internal protuberances and ramifications of the clitoris or if it is an external structure to the vaginal cavity with its glands. But what is ultimately agreed upon is that with proper stimulation of that sensitive area of ​​the vagina, an intense orgasm is achieved, accompanied by ejaculation or squirting on many occasions.

Although not all women have it, scientists conclude that more than half of women have this ability during sexual intercourse. In addition, thanks to its large number of nerve endings, the stimulation of this area offer great sensitivity during sexual intercourse or masturbation. For this reason, one of the sensations that women can feel when caressing this point is something similar to the urge to urinate when you start to have a full bladder. Perhaps, for this reason, many people stop or prefer not to stimulate it because this sensation is very annoying for many women.

The fake female ejaculation

But just this sensation is the one that is felt a little before the female ejaculation, so it should be associated with the pleasure that will soon be felt and let our hand, that of our partner or the toy that we are using, continue to stimulate this way. This sudden urge to urinate is nothing more than the paraurethral glands found in the spongy tissues surrounding the urethra that are preparing to squirt. Don’t worry. If you’re not urinating, let yourself go and enjoy the pleasure of that moment because your orgasm is very close. Relax your muscles and do not contract the vagina because by acquiring it, you squeeze all the ducts and repress urination and ejaculation.

Finally, it is a compassionate part of anatomy. Still, it does not expect to feel the same as the clitoris because its number of nerve endings is not as numerous, and therefore the sensations are not the same.

Female G Spot Location: How To Locate Female G Spot

This small area of ​​the woman’s sexual apparatus has been studied for decades; even so, there is no consensus on its exact location. However, everyone agrees that it is approximately 5 or 8 centimetres from the entrance of the vagina. On the inner front face of it, that is, on the side that faces the front of the female body, towards the navel or the belly. The distance will vary depending on the person and their anatomy; 5 or 8 centimetres is a general rule.

How to find the G-spot? The hook-shaped finger should be inserted at that distance from the entrance, and then you will notice a touch or texture similar to that of the palate due to this area’s relief or protuberance. In addition, you will also see a more intense sensation when caressed than in the rest of this area.

To locate the G-spot, the easiest way will be for your escort girl to lie on her back and, placed in that position, insert her middle finger into the vaginal cavity with the palm of her hand facing down (looking towards the ground).

Female G-spot how to stimulate it

How to stimulate your partner’s G-spot

When we are in a couple, we usually stimulate the entire vagina either during masturbation or during sexual intercourse. We forget, or it makes us hard to imagine that we are looking for this curious point when the truth is that it can be a lot of fun. They also forget to caress the clitoris correctly, and this message is always essential to achieving orgasms.

We advise you to use the «Come here» technique, which we call the ability to locate the G-spot, curving the middle or ring fingers and performing the movement that we do with the fingers when we tell someone to come here.

This curvature is essential to be able to press or massage just above this area, so when a woman has sex with a man with a curved penis according to the posture adopted, she may be receiving stimulation right at this point on her body.

For this reason, when having sex with a man with a straight penis, the sexual position called “Butterfly” is recommended. This position consists of laying the woman on the table while he penetrates while grabbing the girl from below, by the hips to hold her well and press on this point. Because during the act, the clitoris of the woman collides with the body of the man, the orgasm is much more intense, and they offer a lot of pleasure by stimulating this point.

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