How to get a woman excited with these simple tricks

What are the things to do to get a woman excited as much as possible? Contrary to what you might think, arousal is only 20% physical, while the remaining 80% is psychological. Generally speaking, we can therefore say that in order to arouse a woman, we must be good at touching the right psychological chords, which are the object of her imagination. So, to get a woman aroused, we first need to understand what her fantasies are.

We will then put these fantasies into practice as soon as we have some sexual confidence. To understand her dreams, we must therefore be good at establishing a relationship made of open-mindedness and dialogue. We must therefore make sure that the fantasies are confessed to us. However, you could try to do things to get a woman aroused that are universal to everyone. So let’s see what they are in this article. You can also use these tricks with an escort girl from Escort Suite!

The waiting that increases the desire

Many men, taken by arousal, do everything in a hurry once in bed with an escort girl, soon reaching penetration. Some even skip foreplay. Nothing more wrong if you want to turn a woman on. Skipping the pre-intercourse phase breaks the desire the woman was creating in her mind. There is no better thing to make her aroused than to make her want to have you inside her. When you are in bed, you might think about taking some time and increasing her desire for her, kissing her passionately, kissing her on the neck, or the erogenous parts of her, perhaps on the inner thigh or around the vulva.

All this, however, without touching her sexual organ. By doing so, you will stimulate her desire, and therefore her arousal will be skyrocketing. You will likely notice her extreme arousal the moment she forcefully tries to get you to penetrate her vagina, or she starts moving almost as if she is having convulsions. Reaching her orgasm, even for her, will be much easier with adequate preparation before the presentation.

You can do this trick all the time, and it works all the time. You will be able to take 10-15 minutes before penetrating her; the better you are at making her aroused before penetration, the more of her orgasm will be stronger than her. It happened to me with some women that after a well-done pre-penetration job, which lasted up to fifteen minutes, they reached orgasm only after a couple of minutes of penetration.

Learn how to be passionate

Passionate men excite women. You must therefore learn to be dynamic, even during penetration, and not only in the foreplay phase, which, as we have seen a while ago, is essential to increase his arousal. To be passionate, you must learn to regulate the intensity of the relationship, based on the situation, alternate romanticism, and aggression, and combine everything with the words, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

You may want to think about kissing her on the neck, or the ears, during penetration if her position permits. Look into her eyes, with a deep look, during moments of pleasure. If your escort girl is from behind, you might think about holding her wrists or pulling her hair, especially in moments of maximum happiness, to amplify her arousal thanks to her coercion. Another method is to be passionate and to kiss her often, even on her area, such as her back, perhaps with her tongue, to make her feel moist. You may think – as before – of playing during the penetration, going out for a few moments, and making her want you to come back.

Try using words

Words, when used right, are a great tool to turn a woman on. At the beginning of this article, we said that arousal is eighty percent psychology. For this reason, we must make sure that we learn how to use words during sex. The purpose of the words is to make the mind travel, totally disconnecting from reality.

We have to make sure that she immerses herself in her pleasure and lets go of her inhibitions. Women, by nature, want to be dominated in bed. Precisely for this reason, gradually, we must demonstrate our sexual dominance. For example, we can anticipate that she will be “forced” to make love with us for hours, or that the time has come to try to do it in an unusual place, or you can confess that you have imagined doing it with her all day.

I’m not here to advise you on what to say. Specifically, she lets the sentences come out naturally based on the situation or person in front of her. Eliminate the fear of saying what you think, women love it when you dominate, and your words turn them on. In any case, you must always be clear and firm when you are about to say something to avoid it becoming embarrassing. So, if you want to turn a woman on, you have to hunt down the alpha man in you.

Show yourself dominant

Not only in words but also in deeds. The woman is particularly aroused when she is at the man’s mercy. During sex, you have to be the one to lead the way. In doing so, you have to be good at putting into practice the points we have seen so far. In short, you have to subdue the woman next to you in the good sense of the word.

Escort girls, when they feel submissive in bed, are particularly aroused. You might also consider hitting him on the butt or blocking her hands or stems so she can’t move. Abrupt penetration is also viral, as long as there is good lubrication. Of course, in any case, before you do it, make sure she is comfortable with her and that this makes her enjoy it as well. Always remember, especially after intercourse, to go back to the romantic side of you. If you want to turn a woman on, you have to be “naughty” during sex but care afterward.

Be creative during sex

Sex, always done in the same way and place, is boring. There is little to do. The repetition means that the relationship is no longer as exciting as the first few times. If we want to keep the arousal consistently high, it is good that you try new positions, new places and maybe introduce sex toys during sex. Make sure you always add pepper during each intercourse. Be creative, and experiment with different ways of making love together.

For example, you might think about making love on the kitchen table, on the washing machine, in the shower, or the bathtub. You might think about doing it blindfolded, or tied up, adding dildos or vibrators, as we saw in the article on how to make a woman squirt.

Either way, being good knows how to put the escort girl at ease so that she too is open to trying new things or even suggests trying new things. Women love sex more than we do, and they too love to spice it up more than we do. But you have to be good at putting your woman at ease during sex, even if she is a woman you usually have relationships with.

How to get a woman excited: conclusion

Therefore, we have seen in this article what things you can put into practice to excite a woman during sexual intercourse: from waiting that increases desire to be creative during sex by adding pepper. However, every woman has her fantasies. As we saw at the beginning of this article, we must make sure that the woman opens up to us and confesses to us her fantasies. There is no better way than to get a woman aroused by putting her dreams into practice.

How to get a man excited in bed and not only

Would you like to know how to make your partner go crazy with pleasure? … Maybe the idea of ​​making changes, exploring new situations, spicing up the relationship excites you. In this article, I will give you some practical ideas that you can quickly put into practice if you wish.

However, I want to make a premise that I believe is important. The couple: two people who come together and create a balance that is not comparable to others, and I’m not just talking about engaged and married! This balance is established in communicating, in the form of relating, and, of course, of making love.

If you wish to make changes in the sphere of your intimacy, you must consider this and avoid upheavals if you know or have doubt, which could break your balance in a traumatic way. If the partner is wary of some practices, he avoids imposing them but inserts them as a game. Have you ever thought about how children would experience homework if offered as games and not as impositions? It is not the same thing here, but I think you understand what I mean.

Have you been thinking that you would like something more in the relationship, break that such routine, or would you like to be the one to take the game, but you don’t know how? Start having fun just by teasing your imagination, start living your mind and body in a more relaxed way. You have to start with yourself to accompany your partner. Erotic books and masturbation are the sources of great fantasies that can be brought into reality with great joy. Is your couple already very close? Why not set it on fire even more? Read on. I think there will be exciting ideas for you.

How to drive him crazy in bed with desire

Desire is an essential component of pleasure; it feeds perceptions whether we are talking about food or fashion. Do you happen to have a great craving for chocolate and are offered a Lindor? You put it in your mouth and feel an apotheosis; if it’s been some time since you thought you wanted that chocolate, the sensations will be amplified. In desire, there are an infinite number of factors that can reduce it, from an unfavorable state of health to routine up to a lack of self-esteem (to name only 3), but you can feed it.

There are many ways, here are just a few: Let yourself be seen with tantalizing lingerie; men tend to be visual. They are attracted by the sensuality of an “I see, I don’t see” or very provocative garment.

  • He plays with delicate looks out of the usual contexts; you understand your intentions with your eyes. Have fun playing your character.
  • Use waiting wisely; too much availability without the taste for conquest can be compared to 1 Lindor a day. It is no longer desirable because it is taken for granted. Now and then, an exciting push and pull can make a substantial desire rise.
  • Confess your erotic fantasies to him without saying everything, creating a mix between cheeky and shy. They don’t have to be fantasies you necessarily want to implement, and they can be dreams or fantasies experienced even during masturbation or while making love.
  • Take care of your skin, and soft and fragrant skin feeds desire. I recommend shea butter, argan oil, coconut butter, and perfume; these are the ingredients that make your skin irresistible for days.

How to get him excited with domination

Have fun calibrating strong attitudes with condescending attitudes; how? Take possession of the situation, dominate with the body, the eyes, and not with words. It’s all a matter of attitude, of intense looks, of touches that become light scratches. Most men love women who take the initiative even though they often wish, at some point, to resume their role as an “alpha male.”

Doing oral sex

This can be both an act of domination and submission. If, while doing a blowjob, you keep a hand on his belly or chest and look him confidently in the eyes, you are dominant. Instead, if you make him hold a hand on your head, you are submissive. Remember that what you feel is just as important, so for example, if that hand on your head makes you uncomfortable, don’t allow it. Your pleasure is just as important as his. The change of role (dominant-submissive or vice versa) can set the situation on fire and drive him crazy.

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